Huge Cameo in "Man of Steel" Revealed? Staff: ''A few days ago, there was a rumor that an actor from a "Superman" show or movie will make a cameo appearance in the upcoming "Man of Steel" film. The only hint we received was that the cameo would be different from other cameos.

One of the more wild guesses was that director Zach Snyder will somehow work Christopher Reeve into the movie. But according to old photos from the Chicago set, it seems that there's a chance that it may be true.

The photos show an actorin a Clark Kent outfit, the kind that Reeve wore in the opening credits of "Superman III." He seems completely out of place, wearing an 80s suit in a scene that takes place in modern times. Check out the evidence below.''

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DarkBlood3537d ago

that would be pretty awsome

rustyspoon803536d ago

Interesting, but it's not exactly a Cameo. Fan service I suppose.
Cant wait for this film, I just hope its not too much like the DK trilogy.

calibann3536d ago

Actually a cameo is exactly what it is. What do you think cameo means?

rustyspoon803536d ago

A Cameo would be if it WAS Christopher Reeve or someone from the old films. Not just some guy who is wearing a similar suit.
Chris Reeve cameoed in Smallville.
Unless I'm not looking at the right thing.

calibann3536d ago

Oh no wait, you are right. I thought they were going to super impose reeve's face in. Yeah it's not a cameo.

Deku-Johnny3536d ago

I guess I'll have to take a spare pair of pants when I see it then.

perfectCarbonara3536d ago

That's a cameo !?!?

I was thinking the Batman or Flash.

TwistedMetal3536d ago

when i think of cameos i think of another super hero being in the film for a quick moment like greenlantern, flash etc. anythning else is just pointless and dumb and no one cares about.

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