Disney Issues Press Release Confirming J.J. Abrams For ‘Star Wars Episode VII’

From Slashfilm:

Disney just issued the final press releasing confirming that J.J. Abrams will, indeed, be directing Star Wars Episode VII. It includes quotes from Abrams, George Lucas, Kathleen Kennedy and confirms that Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg are consulting on the film.

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darklordzor2864d ago

Figured as much, but glad to see some official confirmation come so quickly and not making us wait forever. Now it's time for a release date!

calis2864d ago

Can't wait for the storyline. Would be curious to see what it is about.

gaffyh2864d ago

He did great things for Star Trek, a film that I absolutely loved, yet I hate the TV series. So I think this is a great choice.

mushroomwig2864d ago

Oh great, can't wait to see some more lens flare.

StarWarsFan2863d ago

I still think Disney could have used a bit more imagination in choosing someone outside the box.

darklordzor2863d ago

I kind of agree. He seems like a very safe choice, but you know, maybe that's okay for the sequel trilogy. Maybe for the standalone movies they'll branch out and try new things (that's why I was bummed the Zack Snyder thing was false), but for the trilogy they want to make sure it's safe and doesn't fall flat.