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The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 | Geekenstein Review

"The Dark Knight Returns Part 2, based on the 1986 graphic novels by legendary artist, Frank Miller and staring Peter Weller as the voice of Batman, tells the continuing tale of caped crusader’s return to Gotham as he battles a resurrected Joker and the Man of Steel himself, Superman. Is Part 2 as authentic to the Frank Miller books as Part 1 was, or does it fall short?" - Craig Kandiko of

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r213445d ago

God, I loved this movie. I am mad at myself for not knowing that there was a graphic novel for this story. IMO, its better than the Christopher Nolan Batman movies.

Simon_Brezhnev3444d ago

Yeah its way better. Part 2 is the best Batman movie period.

My only problem with the movie is the women are all damn ugly. They all look like butches.

r213444d ago

The women were okay and yeah part 1 was good but part 2 was mind blowing amazing. Cant believe that Deathbattle video on youtube had Spiderman trump Batman, he beat Superman!

darren_poolies3444d ago

The graphic novel is spectacular, one of my all time favourites. Looking forward to watching this!

r213444d ago

You will not be disappointed :D Enjoy IMO the greatest Batman dedicated movie ever.

Simon_Brezhnev3443d ago

Yeah i actually read some of it and didnt like it. I just think if DKR part 2 does good they might just do it.

Simon_Brezhnev3444d ago

Now i hope they do Dark Knight Strikes again. They probably will if this sells well. What i like about DC animated movies they not afraid to be brutal. I know the graphics novel is even more gory though.

darren_poolies3443d ago

The Dark Knight Strikes Again graphic novel kinda sucked though. :/