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Meet The Final 5 Members Of The ‘Justice League’ & See Who Didn’t Make The Final Cut

Sources for Latino Review within WB claim to have knowledge of the main superheroes who will be teaming up in Justice League, as well as those who didn't make it.

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darklordzor3440d ago

I listed it as rumor because it's not official, but I see no reason why this wouldn't be true. I mean, this is pretty much the list just about all of us assumed anyway. I just hope they have some good (and meaningful) cameos.

BlackIceJoe3440d ago

I hope the part about Aquaman & Martian Manhunter being in just a small part is not true. Because I want to see them get their do. Both characters are great. To the general public Aquaman gets to much hate. So it would be nice if people could see he has changed a lot from the 60s and is really awesome.

Seeing as I assume the GL will be Hal over John it would be great to see a black superhero in JL. So I hope Martian Manhunter is in the film. Also I would change Hawkman to Hawkgirl. Because the cast does not need to be so guy heavy. I would prefer a diverse amount of superheroes.

It is going to be interesting to see what happens with this film. I really hope WB makes a good movie.

Simon_Brezhnev3440d ago

I hope it is John. Since he basically help create the watchtower.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

I love John but Hal would add some humor that the other characters like Batman or Superman probably won't. With John, the team would be completely serious.

Also i like cultural diversity as much as the next person, but they shouldn't have to force it. Can't believe i'm saying all of this, i love John. Can't we have both? o_o

Also, no Aquaman, Cyborg or MMH kinda blows :( Hoping Hawkgirl makes the cut over Hawkman aswell.

Soldierone3440d ago

If you haven't already, the latest animated Justice League cartoon was rather good. The interesting thing about it is how they used Martian Manhunter to bring the enemy in. I guess since he is cut, that story is all but done for live action.

I know they are going with Darkseid, so you would assume they would need more "upper tier" heroes somewhere. I don't think Batman and Flash would be a whole lot of help, and if done properly Darkseid should really tick off Superman. Thats leave Wonder Woman and GL to think of something? Maybe with the brains of Batman, but if its lame "realistic Batman" then he will be no help.

Simon_Brezhnev3440d ago

I know right if its the realistic Batman he wont be no help like you said. Just about all DC animated movies are good.

Did you see Dark Knight Returns Part 2? I say it maybe the best Batman animated movie. If they ever put that in live action i would love it.

Soldierone3440d ago

Not yet, I plan to though. I've loved pretty much all of the animated movies. A lot more depth and story to them.

The only one I didn't like was the anime Batman shorts.

SilentNegotiator3439d ago

The DC straight-to-DVDs always blow me away. All-Star Superman, DOOM, Year One, Under the Red Hood.....all spectacular. I haven't seen the Returns ones yet either, but I'm sure they're good.

The 90s Justice League cartoon (and Batman and Superman: The animated series) didn't feel a need to be silly most of the time, which was great. Who says kids need ALL silly cartoons, including superheroes?

Darrius Cole3439d ago


Surely you don't mean that you did not like Gotham Knight? What was the name of the one you didn't like?

DarkBlood3440d ago

the flash wont be alot of help? can he not accelerate enough speed to make an impact of a punch equal that of superman?

mechlord3439d ago

Im not sure you guys read DC Comics alot, but there is a reason Batman is paired with Superman since back in the day, and its not about raw muscle power.

Batman has the kind of mentality that no other character has in CD universe and when facing someone like darkseid you need someone that can calmly analyse the situation and sacrifice 100s to save 1000s kinda attitude. Supes wont do it, in fact save batman no one thinks like that in the JL.
He HAS to be there.

Soldierone3439d ago

I'm not saying he shouldn't be there or won't be any help at all, just the initial group if done right they might need a little more help.

I used to read Justice League non stop for years. I had to stop recently because I have no money to keep buying them all lol

wishingW3L3439d ago

and it was because of that mentality that poor Batman was exiled from the Justice League. ;__;

Simon_Brezhnev3439d ago

We know batman is smart but Christopher Nolan Batman wont be no help when going against Darkseid.

level 3603440d ago

Wonder Woman and Green Lantern would be the final main characters to have the last movie adaptation before the main Justice League movie comes out.. The Flash and whoever else will get included in the group I think would/or might simply get a surprise back story put into either the Wonder Woman or Green Lantern movie since I'm sure the producers and fans' alike would be wanting for the Justice League movie done as quickly as possible.
I hope it would be Aquaman though simply because water CGI effects are always great on screen especially with a massive superhero battle included.

iamnsuperman3439d ago

This is not going to work anyway. The reason why the avengers worked is they started with a clear fantasy style films that told the back story of the major characters. This film would needed to be released way into the future for it to work. I also believe some of the characters suit the Dark Night esque feel on the Big screen. Superman is a pain as he is too awesome, Batman is basically a guy who thinks it is Halloween 24/7, Wonder women is still stuck in the 60s and look how the Green lantern Movie turned out. These characters best suit a gritter/more realistic atmosphere which is why putting these characters together will not work.

wishingW3L3439d ago

just watch Watchmen, it can work. The movie's a bit eccentric and satiric but it pulled it off pretty well.

But to be honest, the music alone ruined the movie for me. XD

Th3 Chr0nic3439d ago

i thought watchmen was horrible.

Darrius Cole3439d ago

I agree with Iamsuperman to a large degree. Other than Batman and his sub-universe, all of the DC heavy hitters have the same problem, they are much too god-like and they have too few or very small character flaws.

Superman, by definition, has no flaws; that is the whole point of his character and the very meaning of his name. Flash is faster-than-light, limitless speed, which is the strongest power other than intelligence. Green Lanterns manipulate energy at god-like levels. Wonder Woman actually is a minor goddess, (or is she just the daughter of a minor goddess).

Wonder Woman is such an impossible concept that she warrants her own paragraph. The truth is that Wonder Woman is just plain undesirable. She is not what men want; she is not what women want to be. When you take that bikini (the bikini is problem by itself) off of her it's worse than that. No man wants to be constantly saved by a woman. No woman wants to regularly save her man. That rules out the male-female relationship dynamic for movies and that makes it VERY difficult to make good stories for her. That is why she hasn't had a movie. That is why they cancelled her last TV show before the pilot aired. There is really nowhere to go with the character.

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