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January Jones Says She Doesn’t Think She’s in X-Men: Days Of Future Past

Director Matthew Vaughn’s period superhero pic X-Men: First Class was a sizeable hit with both audiences and critics when it was released in 2011, and fans are very much looking forward to the Bryan Singer-helmed sequel, X-Men: Days of Future Past. We know that the follow-up will be a melding of the cast from First Class and the previous three X-Men films, with Ian McKellan, Patrick Stewart, and Hugh Jackman already confirmed to appear alongside James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, and Jennifer Lawrence.

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OSIRUSSS3442d ago

This sucks,I love her and her character.

-MD-3441d ago

You're kidding right? She was terrible in First Class. A plank of wood would have been more sufficient.

aDDicteD3441d ago

agreed, they can easily replace her because she didn't quite deliver her role on x-men first class

OSIRUSSS3441d ago

I don't that the role called for Jessica Lange style emoting but What eves.LOL!

alycakes3439d ago

I thought she was awful too in that role. I won't miss her. I'm glad they're bringing in some of the X-Men characters from the other movies to spice it up a bit.

Garethvk3442d ago

Remember, rumor was she and Vaughn were playing around despite him being married and he may be the father of her child. They went to great pains to avoid one another during the press tours for the film. So if there is any truth to the rumors, it would make sense that he would not have her back.