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New, Foul Mouthed International Trailer For 'The Heat' With Sandra Bullock & Melissa McCarthy

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With a gig on the CBS sitcom "Mike & Molly" that limits her schedule for making movies, Melissa McCarthy is still looking top tap into the praise and buzz she earned for "Bridesmaids." Her stint in Judd Apatow's "This Is 40" is more or less a cameo (albeit a great one -- the outtakes of the principal's office scene over the credits were funnier than half the movie) but within six months, audiences are going to be getting a double dose of the comedienne in lead roles. Next month she'll make Jason Bateman's life a living hell in "Identity Thief," and then a few months after that Sandra Bullock will play the straight man in "The Heat."

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alycakes3447d ago

I still think Sandra Bullock is funny...I don't care what anyone says and matched up with Melissa will be a blast to watch.

CPO3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

We like Sandra Bullock also. As long as she's not TOO sappy!!

hazelamy3446d ago

i think i'll go see that, the trailer made me laugh.
i just hope this isn't one of those films where all the funniest bits are i the trailer.