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Zac Elawar from Capsule Computers wrote:

Loosely based on real-life events, Flight is Robert Zemeckis’ return to live-action cinema after a string of successful animated works. It has been receiving critical acclaim, particularly in the ‘lead actor’ and ‘best screenplay’ categories for Denzel Washington and John Gatins respectively, both of whom have been nominated for multiple awards, including the coveted Academy Award. It’s a drama that looks at addiction, conviction and morals. But does Flight sustain a steady altitude throughout it’s 138 minute runtime?...

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masterabbott2865d ago

not something im overly excited to watch but from reading this review i might give git it a go and watch it!

ZacE2865d ago

I've talked to a few people who weren't, but saw it anyway and loved it. I was among them. :)

LinkageAX2865d ago

Wow, that good huh? Wasn't expecting it.

ZacE2865d ago

One of those Award season dramas you think will be boring, but then once they get nominated you think, "damn, maybe I should watch this!"

ManDemon2863d ago

I generally pass up most films coming out just before award season, but I might have to make a trip for this one.

militissanctus2864d ago

I previously only had a passing interesting this one. Ill have to check it out for sure now.

coaidant2862d ago

Hmm yeah might check this one out

Ryder492861d ago

Wow nice review. Will definitely check it out now, thanks.