Top Ten Anticipated Films of 2013

Matt’s Movie Reviews counts down its Top Ten Most Anticipated Films of 2013.

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bub162867d ago

all a bunch of rubbish! cant believe the hobbit isn't even there!

KingPin2867d ago

Top Ten Anticipated Films of 2013. the key number being 2013.

the hobbit was released in december 2012.
either you still waiting for it to come out in your country or you think this article is referring to DVD/blu-ray releases.

mpejko2866d ago

I'm pretty sure he meant the second installment of The Hobbit films.

mpejko2867d ago

I love The Hobbit. In fact ...An Unexpected Journey is in the top 5 of my fav 2012 releases. I just wanted to shake it up a little this year, and not focus too much on sequels.

TheBreezyBB2867d ago

i think the title is wrong!! Should have been top 10 unanticipated movies in 2013!!

mpejko2866d ago

The list is clearly an opinion of my most anticipated 2013 releases. Besides, if new films from the likes of James Grey, Nicolas Winding Refn & Terrence Malick don't do it for you, then you're watching the wrong movies.

TheBreezyBB2866d ago

So, it's a list of your own top 10? i think you forgot to put, My at the beginning of the sentence.

KingPin2867d ago

besides sin city and man of steel, im not waiting or even heard of the other movies on that list.

level 3602866d ago

Will Ferrell you must be a demigod!