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The Impossible Review | Examiner

David Weaver from Examiner writes: True stories are a tough sell anymore. With everyone plugged into the internet, all it takes is a quick shot over to wikipedia to check the facts (and even then wiki isn't all that reliable). But regardless, the public likes to stay informed and wants to know if and when they are being duped into thinking something they are told happened actually occurred, especially with how loosely the phrase, "Based on (or Inspired by) a True Story". While "The Impossible" is most certainly based on a factual event, the family we follow isn't free from the same scrutiny. Regardless of what is fact and was is fiction however, there is no denying the powerful filmmaking at work and the incredible performances given by the entire cast that help provide a glimpse of the terror and confusion experienced by the tens of thousands of victims of that devastating tsunami 8 years ago.

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