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The LRA Show Ep. 85 - Gangster Squad

LRA writes: We start the new year off in fine form with an episode packed to the brim! From the new Transformers trilogy, to whether or not we will ever get a Hellboy 3 to the Golden Globe award winners, Jurassic Park 4, Arnold in a new Conan movie, more "Zero Dark Thirty" talk and the surprising (both in who was and wasn't recognized) 2013 Oscar nominations, we got it all covered. Then Brian gives some quick thoughts on "Frankenweenie", James discusses the animated show "The Legend of Korra" and "The Walking Dead" game from Telltale. Then give my impressions on "The Beasts of the Southern Wild" where I struggle to properly convey my feelings on it and the disturbing indie film "Compliance". We finally wrap everything up with our discussion for the main film of the week, "Gangster Squad". Featured music this week is from and musical artist Melissa Forbes.

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