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Name’s Lincoln… the L Is Silent: Your 2013 Oscar Nominees

Daniel Joslyn "With good reason, the Oscars have taken a lot of flak over the years. Who really cares what a bunch of old people, who don’t have anywhere close to my tastes, think is the best movie of the year, you might ask? And I would answer, because it is funny. The Oscars may be silly but they’re still the best awards show in a crowded awards year by a pretty wide margin. And they do take the time to give awards for behind the scenes things a lot of people don’t usually think about, like Cinematography or Film Editing. Yes, the Oscars are snobby. And yes, it’s extremely rare that their picks for things like Best Picture coincide with mine. But it’s fun to hang out in front of the TV for one nigh,t every Spring, and partake in a traditional celebration of all that the movies have to offer"

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