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Independent Cinema - Silver Linings Playbook Review

Independent Cinema writes: ‘Almost’ is the key word here. While watching Silver Linings Playbook, I felt like I was watching one of the best romantic comedies I had ever seen. Everything about it felt sincere, and each moment was ready to assault my emotions both brutally and pleasantly. Every performance was filled with the right amount of energy and every line was delivered as authentically as possible. Unfortunately, where this movie fell short was its entire third act, which had about as many cliches as possible thrown in there. There’s some moments that really work, but generally, I was cringing once the final act was set up. Besides that though, David O. Russell has made another really great film which tugs hard at your emotions (like he’s bound to do in all his films) and displays just how great of a filmmaker he is when it comes to displaying family dynamics and building a relationship between the unlikeliest of people.

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