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The Dark Knight Rises: Why it Wasn't as Good as I Thought it Would Be…

A Yahoo! article that points out a few flaws found in the new Dark Knight rises movie. The writer shares a few ideas for how the movie could have been better.

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KingPin3451d ago

i stopped reading at this point
" The first problem I found was that they introduced too many characters within a single movie. One of the reasons I liked the Marvel Avengers movie was that they explained all the character's back story within their own separate movies, and then brought all the subplots together within one big movie."

so this guy wants back stories for each character? did he ever think that if they did another batman with robin in it that the dark knight rises is robins back story? bloody tool.

as for having catwoman in it, did he want another separate movie for just catwoman? really? she is a supporting character. at the end of the movie you know what she is all about.

either this guy is really slow or he doesnt like using his brain while watching movies. he should just stay away from Nolan movies altogether. memento will mind fuck this guy 6 ways to sunday and the prestige will turn him into a complete retard. inception will most likely kill this poor bastard.

i enjoyed all the Nolan batman movies. though i think bane wasn't as great of a villain as the joker <character wise> but was acted out perfectly by tom hardy.

BoxOfficeBuz3451d ago

I don't like to agree with the KingPin, because well. Dude is always trying to kill Spider-Man. But definitely agree with this comment.

KingPin3450d ago

i dont always try to kill spidey, its just i feel that they could be doing much more with it than they actually are.

haven't you ever watched a movie of something you followed from your childhood into adulthood <i dont know how old you are> only to see it not fulfill its true potential.

My one major gripe with the new spiderman movie was the whole 3D camera angle. <like when you get spiderman point of view> my god. watching that on dvd in 2D is going to be a pain for some coz it just seems so forced.

but we shall leave this debate for another time :)

ATi_Elite3451d ago (Edited 3451d ago ) me was the worst movie in the trilogy.

It just had too much tossed in it, Bane and Batman never really had a good fight scene, CatWoman could of been anybody as far as her helping out, and Robin really didn't get to shine as a back story for a spin off!

I really did enjoy Bane but he really didn't go head to head with Batman. Bale spent 3/4 of the movie in that darn hole reading a script for his next movie! Come On man!

Also I want a proper Penguin! Riddler check, Joker Check and Check, Penguin come on we need a good Penguin!

Simon_Brezhnev3451d ago

Yeah i feel the same. They wanted to make Cat Woman in some super hero. They made Bruce way too trusting.

frelyler3450d ago

Um, did you watch the movie? Bane kicked the crap out of Batman, which was the whole point of the fight. Batman was never going to win in a one on one fight and the first fight proved that, which was awesome to watch. Then Batman used his brain and broke Bane's mask causing him to become crippled. Batman was always about superior intellect and planning. Also if you boiled down Wayne's time in black gate to him reading a script for another movie then you are a fool. Now I have to realize you know nothing about the Batman movies because if you are going to completely ignore Devito's penguin and embrace Jim Carry's role as the Riddler instead then you just have no clue or right to comment about these movies.

Topazdragon883449d ago

Maybe you should have read on a bit more to the point where he explained himself...

But, carry on good sir!

gaffyh3451d ago

I don't agree with the guy's points, but I do agree that the Dark Knight Rises wasn't as good as it should have been. It was extremely overhyped, to the point that we all expected the best film ever (something which was also the case for the Avengers).

And whilst these two were good films, they were nowhere near as good as I expected. My main issue with TDKR is that it is very difficult to watch again, because it is very serious all the time, and the characters aren't very well developed. On the other hand, I would love to watch TDK again because the Joker is such a great character.

I tend to love Chistopher Nolan films, but truthfully, now I think that he should only ever make a film and a sequel, and then move on, because TDKR was good, but not great, and the other two were great.

Clarence3451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )

TDKR was the best because Bane was a beast mentally and physically. Everyone just likes Heath Ledger as the joker.

Nolan version of Bane was spot. I've watched the movie 4 times. The characters are well developed and The movie is called the Dark Knight Rises its supposed to be serious. Not only that Bane is a serious character.

I didn't care for Rachel characters in the first to movies at all. Waste of film. Ann Hathaway did excellent job as catwoman. Even talia character was nice to see.

Every Batman movie will have the joker, but it was way more intense to see Batman and Bane go up against each other. I did not feel that way about the Joker. He's mentally and physically weaker than Batman.

TDKR was definitely the best out of the 3

UnSelf3451d ago

Very good perspective about TDKR. I agree wit u but TDK was more than just joker. I've memorized the entire movie and have seen TDKR over 20 times, and I've come to realize that two face is rly the center piece of TDK.

As far as the trilogy is concerned, TDK was actually somewhat of a spinoff from the overall plot. The presence of the LoS was present in begins and rises but absent completely in TDK. What's amazing is that it's when he deviated from the LoS arc that he made his best work. Give an artist more degrees of freedom, and he'll create a masterpiece it seems

Deku-Johnny3451d ago

The reason it wasn't as good as anyone thought was down to one thing; it was over hyped, TDK was excellent and everyone expected Rises to be a gazillion times better and be the best film ever. Nothing in the world could ever life up to the expectations everyone set for it.

edwest3451d ago

This again? Some dweebs just don't know when to quit.

BoxOfficeBuz3451d ago

DKR was definitely not the BEST film, and had its issue, but I went into it with all the other films in mind. I felt like it did exactly (for me) what it needed to do to make the dark knight trilogy one of my all time favourites.