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It's Official: Jurassic Park IV is Coming in 2014

From ComingSoon:

Just days after word arrived that Steven Spielberg's tentative next film, Robopocalypse, has been delayed indefinitely, comes word that should more than balance out the disappointment felt by fans: Jurassic Park IV is officially on the way with a release date of June 13, 2014!

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darklordzor3456d ago

Oh happy day! This little fanboy is giddy!

Torunkz3455d ago

No... Please no... I can take anymore let's head back to the island uh no were in trouble/someones in trouble let's escape oh boy that was a close one, camera pans away with exciting Dinosaurs the end.

I really cannot see an interesting plot unless they are somewhere off the island and slowly trying to re-take the earth and they call the 5th movie Jurassic World...

calis3455d ago

Just as well you're not a script writer then. You wouldn't be very good at it.

Torunkz3455d ago


You'll be laughing when they release a trailer thats something similar to what I said if not worse, so yeah I'm glad I'm not one as well either. Next thing you know they'll add Dr. Alan Grant and Ian Malcolm...

jony_dols3455d ago

Whilst not as good as the first, I still enjoyed both JP sequels. Bring on No.4!

chukamachine3455d ago

n1 about time.

With the jump in graphical finesse this should look amazing. Hope it has good story and new characters that bring it to life.

level 3603455d ago

Didn't see that coming.. if that's the case I'd like to see somebody do a proper re-boot of Godzilla in 3D.

darklordzor3455d ago

You know there's a new Godzilla movie coming next year right?

Tres213455d ago

i didnt kno that but thank u very much next year as in 2014 tho right?

darklordzor3454d ago

Yes sir! 2014 in August I believe it'll be hitting. Supposed to start filming in the next couple months.

ProjectVulcan3455d ago

Dum dum, dum dum, dah dah dah, dah da da daaaaaaaa!

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The story is too old to be commented.