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Independent Cinema - Les Miserables Review

Independent Cinema writes: The King’s Speech was one of my favorite films of 2010, bolstered by an incredible performance from Colin Firth and a heartfelt story of overcoming adversity. It managed to be both a beautiful looking period piece and tell a story worth telling, one that made me feel for the main character in ways I never thought I would. So following that, Tom Hooper decided to tackle the story of Les Miserables and adapt it into a massive musical production, one that would attempt to blend drama and music like never before, forcing the emotion out of every viewer. And the film would very well have done that if not for some missteps in its execution and a very predictable script. Les Miserables has the epic feeling it seeks in both its beginning and ending, but everything in between is a muddled mess of redundancies, inconsistencies, and a blatant disregard of the viewer’s ability to comprehend basic characteristics of film.

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