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Jack Reacher Review | Examiner

David Weaver of Examiner writes: Written for the screen and directed by Christopher McQuarrie, "Jack Reacher" is based on the novel by Lee Child about a man who seeks his own particular brand of justice for those who are beyond the reach of the law and is also the latest starring vehicle for super star Tom Cruise. McQuarrie is a more than capable director and writer as proven by his script for the classic "The Usual Suspects" and his feature film directorial debut with the very under appreciated action film "The Way of the Gun". Tom Cruise is beyond doubt a strong leading man and has proven more than capable as an action star thanks mostly to his role as agent Ethan Hunt in the "Mission: Impossible" franchise. But somehow, both the director and actor have come together to make a woefully by the numbers investigative thriller that does little to satisfy the need of either action fans or anyone looking for a fun and interesting mystery to unravel.

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