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Non-Bootlegged Look at a New Preview for the The Walking Dead Season 3's Return


Over the holiday break, AMC revealed a new preview for the remaining half of The Walking Dead season 3. Said sneak peek hit You Tube, yes, however, we have a clean look at the preview which features new footage of the drama that will kick up between The Governor and Rick Grimes when the season resumes February 10th. Also, new images, too! Have a look inside...

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Crazyglues3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

Oh I can't wait for this season to begin, the way the last season ended had me on the edge of my seat just waiting to see what would happen..

If that's not good writing I don't know what is... this show has been amazing...

Just look at this scene -

Man this show can't come back soon enough.. Looks like it's going to be epic.. No one, and I mean no one has done a zombie TV show or movie better then this one. They have some how captured the real end of the world feel.

Writers are doing an amazing job on this series.. when ever an hour goes by like it's 15 min's and at the end of the show you say, "what it's already over" then you have good writers, because your glued to every little thing happening, that the time is just flying by.

Awesome, Awesome show, if you haven't been watching go find the old episodes and catch up.. you don't want to miss season 3

Crazay3464d ago

hopefully losing their current show runner isn't going to muck things up for next year.

Crazyglues3464d ago

what? Who's leaving the show?

Crazay3464d ago

Can't recall the name but whoever took over for Darabont has decided to leave the show.

Crazyglues3463d ago

Wow I didn't know all of this was going on -

hope the show doesn't suffer from this.. thanks for the insight.