First Trailer and Poster for Submarine Thriller Phamtom Starring Ed Harris and David Duchovny

The first trailer and poster for the period submarine thriller Phantom have been released online. The film stars Ed Harris as the captain of a Cold War Soviet submarine who, after being rushed into a classified mission, discovers that his submarine is being taken over by a rogue KGB group. David Duchovny plays the leader of the KGB group, and this trailer looks like it may just give away the entire plot of the film. We haven’t seen a good submarine thriller in quite a long time, so here’s hoping Phantom delivers.

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OSIRUSSS2886d ago

Looks like Last Resort meets Hunt for Red October.

Lord_Sloth2885d ago

Looks pretty good. Always liked Ed Harris.

alycakes2885d ago

This does look good. Both actors are worth watching.