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The Thompsons: ShockYa Movie Review

ShockYa: Sequel to The Hamiltons, the siblings (now using the alias Thompson) are on the run from the law in England and Paris, trying to find a vampire clan who are the link to uncovering their parent’s mysterious past.

The Thompson kids are on the run after an unfortunate incident where they massacre everyone in a California bar after little brother Lenny gets shot. Their only chance for sanctuary is to find the Mandersons, their only connection to their parent’s past. Eldest brother David (Samuel Child) looks after the still injured Lenny (Ryan Hartwig), the twins Wendell and Darlene search for clues in Paris while Francis gets a tip that the Mandersons are somewhere in Ludlow England. Francis has an altercation with the Stuarts, a family of vampires who run a pub in Ludlow; after which Father Stuart (Daniel O’Meara) offers to help Francis and his siblings find a safe place to reunite. Francis (Cory Knauf) narrates the story which consists of several flashbacks all leading up to how he ended up locked in a box and his discovery that the Stuarts have other plans for the Thompsons.

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