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Whatever Happened To The Metroid Movie?

Peer Schneider:

You may have to wait a few more years (or decades) for a big-screen adaptation of Nintendo’s Metroid series, but we can now at least provide some closure for those still hoping to see John Woo’s take, first talked about in 2004.

We recently caught up with the former president and co-founder of Tiger Hill, Brad Foxhoven, who acted as producer of the untitled Metroid movie project. Director John Woo (Mission: Impossible II) and Tiger Hill stepped in in 2004 when another studio, Zide-Perry Productions, let their option on the license lapse. At the time, Nintendo was underway with three Metroid-related projects, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes for GameCube, Metroid Prime: Hunters for Nintendo DS, and the Fuse Games spin-off Metroid Prime Pinball.

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DarkBlood3473d ago

It would of been visually pleasing thats for damn sure

StarWarsFan3472d ago

This project could have great potential and pretty much a blank slate to build upon when it comes to story.

ssb31733472d ago

This would have been an amazing film, ninty really should have made it.