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Has 3D Film-Making Had Its Day?

Vincent Dowd:

It's three years since audiences around the world swarmed into cinemas to see James Cameron's Avatar. It rapidly became the biggest grossing film of all time, in part because of its ground-breaking digital 3D technology.

But, in retrospect, Avatar now seems the high-point of 3D movie-making, with little since 2009 to challenge its achievement. Three years on, has the appeal of 3D gone flat?

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Ares84HU3470d ago

Watch the Hobbit and than we can talk about this.

darklordzor3470d ago

The Hobbit 3D was okay. It wasn't bad, but I can't say that the movie felt any different without it either. The big difference for me in Hobbit was the HFR.

darklordzor3470d ago

I don't think 3D will go away just yet, but I know I'm tired of it. I've been tired of it for a while. Even on the best 3D I've seen, the most I can really say is "well the 3D wasn't terrible." It doesn't add to the storytelling of the film, and is just sort of a visual flair. Meh...I'm done with it.

KingPin3469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )

im with you on that.

but 3D wont be going away anytime soon, its too easy for movie makers now to make any POS movie, slap 3D on it and people will go watch it.

examples - resident evil 3D, step up 3D, glee 3D. the list goes on.

however, i do believe there is a right way and wrong way to do 3D. the examples above are the wrong way. the right way would be life of pi <to pick a recent example> reason being, the 3D wasnt the main focus to sell the movie. the story/character building was. the 3D was a nice addition to the movie though. oh and they didnt have shit flying towards the camera which i thought was good.

TheCritic283470d ago

Until Hollywood realizes there isn't any cash to be made in it, 3D won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

Soldierone3470d ago

I said it before it took over, its nothing more than a FAD and it has always been that way. 3D comes, Hollywood banks in, and it goes away for a while.

The only difference this time is they got television makers to introduce it as well, and Sony implemented it into their cameras.

I think there is something to be done with 3D, but Hollywood hasn't even hinted at it yet. I've got no interest in it, and the only reason I pay for certain 3D films is to support a movie more. I've yet to see anything movie wise that had me go "I've got to see that again" or "that was so awesome!" Only time I really enjoyed it was one scene in Resident Evil and a couple scenes in Spider-Man. Video game wise I've scene a few cool things, but still nothing making me want a 3D tv.

DarkBlood3470d ago

now theres nothing wrong with 3D for me other then the fact that i dont see it that much when i go see movies using it and my vision is perfect

i think the general problem stems from the fact that its not being used so obviously compared to past movies using it intentionally like spykids 3 as an example where literally things were coming out of the screen within your grasps, out of the movies i seen lately only a few scenes does that.

i do not dislike 3D whatsoever but thats what i think 3D is about, if your not going to design the the entire film based on 3D experince then maybe dont do it at all if its just going to be used clearly for a few scenes

otherwise the depth perception effect like the 3DS could probably be done if you had the camera working out that without the need for glasses

OneAboveAll3470d ago

Sorry but no. If 3D is done right it can make movies look amazing.

The Avengers in IMAX 3D was astounding.

ssb31733470d ago

I don't particularly think so because, while it is annoying with some films, films like The Hobbit and Avengers really bring out 3D. That said, I don't see it being here for long as its not really making a big mark on the film industry and it doesn't have the impact that the transition from black and white to colour had. I reckon it wont last another decade.

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