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J.J. Abrams Was Asked to Handle Star Wars: Episode VII Abrams was reportedly asked to take the reigns of the newly announced Star Wars trilogy, which came about after Disney purchased Lucasfilm earlier this year for $4.06 billion.

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Soldierone3472d ago

Aww dangit! He is one of my favorite directors, would have loved him on Star Wars instead of star trek. Then again he makes Star Trek remotely interesting to a Star Wars fan like me lol

3471d ago
TheCritic283471d ago

Really disappointed at this one...he could of knocked it out of the park easily.

Ramon3MR3471d ago

I was bummed too; would've loved to see him work on it.

KingPin3469d ago

the guy is clever enough to leave Star wars alone. lets be realistic here, the last 3 sucked horse balls compared to the original 3. now why would J.J wanna ruin his reputation trying to make something thats going to be compared to a classic when he knows the originals will always be the best.

its like asking a top artist nowadays to repaint the mona lisa and make it better.