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5 Things That Will Make Or Break The Amazing Spider-Man Series

Anthony Blankenship:

As much as I didn’t want to like the Spider-Man reboot this year, I admit that it wasn’t bad, and there were even things I liked more than Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy. When it comes to Spider-Man though, I feel like the outspoken one, because I didn’t mind Spider-Man 3. In fact, when it first came out, it was one of my favorite movies. Tobey Maguire did an amazing job in his role, and his performance I think was as close to a perfect Spider-Man as we’re going to get (disregarding his “emo” scene in the third movie). Andrew Garfield isn’t a bad Spider-Man, it’s just that Tobey is better, and that is something that we’re going to have to accept if we’re going to like this reboot.

That being said, this trilogy, or however movies they decide to make, does have the potential to be better. For one, I liked the action sequences in The Amazing Spider-Man more than almost every battle in the other series, with the exception of the Green Goblin fights. I also like that the villains for the most part seem like they’re going to be different than Raimi’s villains (except for the inevitable Goblin). The casting of Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy, and Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben were also perfect castings in my opinion. Now, the movie wasn’t perfect and missed out on a lot in my opinion, but it was an introduction to a new Spider-Man, and I’ll let it slide if they capitalize with the next movie.

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Yi-Long3475d ago

... because they've casted an actor who's in his late 20'sto play a teenager, which might not be a problem for the first movie, but obviously it will be ridiculous when it's the 6 years later and they're doing the 3rd movie.

JL3475d ago

Not entirely a problem. It's not like each movie has to pick up where the last one left off. There can be leaps in time between movies. Thus, he's a teenager in the first one. Maybe the second one picks up with him in his early 20's. Maybe 6 years down the road with that installment, they give us a late 20's Parker.

darklordzor3475d ago

Agreed, and a I really loved Garfield's interpretation of Peter Parker. Seriously, it felt like the character I knew from the comics.

wishingW3L3475d ago Show
Daver3475d ago


Its not like it was a 12 years boy and 6 years later hes 18 that would have make a difference. A guy who has 25 and will be 31 wont have that much of a difference. Thats a useless complaint.

-Superman-3474d ago

Let me show you how Horrible Sam Raimi Spider-Man movie was:
*First of all, Peter gets bit, and Norman Osborn turns to Green Goblin, SAME DAY.(coincidence)

*Peter, Harry and MJ are at same party when Green Goblin attacks. MJ is only one who is in very danger situation and Green Goblin talks with him.(coincidence)

*Peter is right there and sees where robbers are going to attack MJ, yet it never happens before, but just same time where is Peter.(coincidence)

*Peter is in J. Jonah Jameson office when Green Goblin attacks(coincidence)

*Green Goblin rob Mary Jane

*Best friend father turns to villain(coincidence)

Spider-Man 2:
*Peter is there, where Doc Ock turns to villain(coincidence)

*Spider-Man sees and saves those kids who are going to be drived over(coincidence)

*Doc Ock is at same bank, just where Aunt and Peter are(coincidence)

*Doc Ock rob one persion, and its Aunt May(coincidence)

*Doc Ock knows excastly where Peter and MJ dinner

*Doc Ock needs Peter alive, to ask info where is Spider-Man, yet he throw car at him, so then Peter gets killed and Doc Ock wouldnt get any info.

*Doc Ock rob Mary Jane

*Peter homework about Doc Ock who turns to villain, but also best friend friend turns to villain.(coincidence)

Spider-Man 3:
*7 billion people on earth, yet symbiote lands next to only superhero on earth, Spider-Man/Peter Parker.(coincidence)

*Gwen Stacy is only one who falls out of window, yet she is again same girl who is in Peter class.(coincidence)

*Sandman flies into same party, where Spider-Man is.(coincidence)

*Sandman, super villain, same guy who killed Uncle Ben.(coincidence)

*Gwen father is same guy who tells who killed Uncle Ben.(coincidence)

*Peter drive with scooter, yet new Green Goblin knows exactly where Peter Parker is in New York.

*Eddie wants Peter Parker dead, and suprise, at same time and at same place Peter drops symbiote on Eddie who turns to villain.(coincidence)

*Mary Jane robbed AGAIN

*Gwen Stacy and Eddie are both together(girl who you save, girl in your class, guy who works in same place, guy who turns to venom)

In short.
Mary Jane is robbed in Spider-Man 1, Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 3, and also Aunt May is robbed in Spider-Man 2.
In Spider-Man, Mary Jane falling from sky, Spider-Man catch her.
In Spider-Man 2, Aunt May falling from sky, Spider-Man catch her.
In Spider-Man 3, Gwen Stacy falling from sky, Spider-Man catch her.
Both movies has burning house scene.

In Spider-Man 4 script, next villains would have been Vulture, and Vultureness, and Vulture would be girlfriend father, and later new girlfriend would turned into Vultureness too, plus Sandman returns.

*beep* horrible, plus Bruce Campbell as 3 different roll in spiderman movies.

wishingW3L3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

The Spider-Man reboot was so bad... The death of his uncle was rushed and the rest of the movie was simply very stupidly written. The action scenes can't hold a candle to Raimi's superior direction.

The new costume looks better and the slimmer body of Garfield is more like the Spider-Man from the comics but that's not enough to make it a good movie. Emma Stone was awesome too but the director (Marc Webb) was mediocre and the script too....

Daver3475d ago

The last spider man was a LOT better than the 3 other movies.

Deadpool6163475d ago

The death of uncle Ben was rushed in the comics as well, Peter Parker wasn't even there when it happened. So technically both movie series got it wrong. It's all about preference when it comes to that scene.

The movie wasn't "stupidly written" it was still sticking with the source material with liberties just like Rami. The Lizards motivations were just as silly as any other interpretation of the character. The Lizard isn't really the best Spider-Man villain, which why I set my expectations low. Turning everyone else into Lizards was from the source material and it has always been rather stupid.

I do appreciate Webb giving us Gwen Stacy from the beginning and going through the proper girlfriend line of order.

Things I didn't like about The Amazing Spider-Man. I didn't like the skateboard, that bothered me quite a bit. I didn't like the fact that he didn't have a utility belt for web-refills. That's not me being picky, that's just a necessity Spider-Man always needed in the comics since his web-shooters are mechanical. Hopefully he has a belt in the next movie.

It's a mix-up for me. I liked things that Webb has and I like things that Rami has. If Webb had great villains that Rami had it would be much better. If Rami had a proper order of relationships within Peter Parkers life it would've been much better. So it's complicated for me.

level 3603475d ago

I agree with everything the reviewer wrote about Sam Raimi's trilogy and the re-booted version. In my opinion they all had their flaws but were all equally good.

MaleManSam3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

For some reason, I just couldn't feel the magic in the reboot. Or anything at all, sure it made me laugh at peters comic like personality, but I just didn't feel anything watching it compared to the first trilogy. It just doesn't hold a candle to the first two movie's. Just felt like what happened to the Jurassic park series.

But it was pretty good, excited to see where they take this series.

TheGreat_13474d ago

I was disappointed with the reboot as well. Garfield played a better Spider-Man than I thought he would though, he had the physique, quirkiness, and quick smart ass remarks. However, IMO the movie was overall horrible, excluding Emma Stone playing an awesome Gwen, Martin Sheen playing a great Uncle Ben, and what I've already stated.

The rest of the movie was just bleh, irritating, and frustrating. The skateboarding scene was unnecessary, the car theft scene stayed well beyond it's welcome and what started out as clever, classic Spider-Man, quickly turned into a cheesy hipster, forcing to be new generation Michael Bay-esque disaster.

Also, The Lizard, to me is just a bland enemy although the bridge scene was pretty good. Some say this reboot is much darker than Raimi's but I didn't think it was dark at all. I really wish they'd make a series that goes into a Carnage main villain finale with Venom being somewhere in there as well. (I am biased on this though, as Carnage was always my favorite villain, and Maximum Carnage being my favorite series in the comics.)

They could produce magic with the right casting that could mimic that of Batman The Dark Knight. Oh well...there's always the next reboot.

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