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Top 10 Facial Hair Statements Of 2012

CinemaBlend: Part of putting together our end of year coverage here at Cinema Blend is recognizing trends that have emerged in film over the past twelve months. And undoubtedly, the movies of 2012 were overflowing with massive moustaches, billowing beards and even some eye-catching eyebrows. The hirsute casts of Lincoln and The Hobbit alone could have filled a three-year calendar for facial hair enthusiasts.

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StarWarsFan3472d ago

We're really running out of Top 10 list topics.

pandehz3472d ago

Someone should make a list of the worst top 10 lists on N4G

Soldierone3472d ago

I never understood why people say facial hair means douche. In some cases I can see it, but I run into a lot more rude people without facial hair than people with facial hair.

TheCritic283471d ago

Umm...okay then. What an odd idea for a list.

ssb31733471d ago

People are really starting to run out of ideas. This has to be one of the weirdest articles I have ever seen.