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The Walking Dead Loses Show Front Runner?

The good news is AMC officially picked up The Walking Dead for a fourth season today, they also announced that a show front funner will be leaving for good.

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thorstein3475d ago

I know, I can't believe Carl is leaving the show/lulz

darklordzor3477d ago

Damn that sucks! He's been really good for the show, the 3rd season has been incredible through and through.

Best-Horror-Movies3477d ago

It's interesting that they made a official announcement about it.

Bumpmapping3476d ago

Its the producer of the show in case anyone was confused.

Soldierone3475d ago

If this was last season, I'd be somewhat happy. He really slowed things down last season, but this season has been awesome. Only thing I don't like is the boring Governor and Andrea scenes.

I'm interested to know what the creative differences were though? That could be good or bad. What side wanted to the good stories? He could have been interested in a good twist or a veer off from the normal, and AMC wants something more simplistic and rating oriented. Who knows.

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The story is too old to be commented.