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Best of 2012: Top Ten Movie Trailers

To me what makes a good trailer is the ability to highlight the plot, without revealing too much. The ability to get people excited for the film. The ability to convey the tone of the final product, and above all, the ability to not ruin key plot points (I'm looking at you Warrior).

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ssb31733480d ago

In my personal opinion, I never though Avengers would work. There were these six characters who were huge in presence on their own, and i didn't think it was possible to bring them all together in one movie without a lot of compromise. But i am extremely glad that Joss Whedon was able to allay all fears and doubts. For me, it was the best movie, in that it had all the elements perfectly balanced.

aDDicteD3477d ago

based on trailers alone i think les miserables was probably the best, transparency wise, in letting the audience know what the movie has to offer. dark knight rises might be in a close second place for all the hype it delivers.

BoxOfficeBuz3475d ago

DKR was my favourite film of 2012, but I had to give it to Les Mis as the best trailer. The emotions that trailer delivered was intense.