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Top 10 Movie Characters That Look Nothing Like Their Source Material

Andrew Dyce:

With more and more movies turning to existing properties instead of original scripts, actors being asked to embody established characters is now commonplace, not a rarity. The latest novel-to-big-screen adaptation puts Tom Cruise in the extremely-oversized shoes of Jack Reacher, and while it may be the latest instance of an actor cast in a role bearing almost no resemblance to themselves, it's certainly not the first.

Comic books, novels, TV shows and the inevitable reboots to come all mean that more and more famous faces and newcomers will be asked not to make people care about new characters, but live up to the expectation and legend of ones they already cherish.

The list is only going to get longer as the years go by, here's our Top 10 Characters That Look Nothing Like Their Source Material. Some might surprise you.

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ssb31733485d ago

Michael Keaton was the first actor that i saw play Batman, and i thoroughly enjoyed his portrayal. Jack Nicholson was also an amazing Joker, but i think for me, Heath Ledger took the role to a whole new level and his Joker was simply terrifying.

Soldierone3485d ago

"Its Tom Cruise in.... Tom Cruise fights the bad guys 10!" lol

However other than that (since I like Cruise actually) I think its disrespectful to other mediums. Hollywood doesn't stay true to the source material, and it could ruin things literally. Airbender is one of the most highly acclaimed animations, and Hollywood literally butchered it to death with absolutely no respect to it.

Imagine doing all kinds of work, someone taking it over, and not respecting anything about it. Instead just keeping sure the action stays and nothing else, its stupid.

(also you can add Jamie Fox as Electro to the list. How the hell did he get the Kayne and Lynch role? Talk about Electro all you want, he does not fit the Kayne and Lynch role at all.)