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Room 237: ShockYa Movie Review

ShockYa: Maybe you’ve had this experience. You come out of a movie and begin to discuss your impressions with a friend only to hear your pal say, “Hey, relax, it’s only a movie!” This is the kind of outlook that had led to experts holding film’s role as a mere stepchild to great painting and literature. When you come out of Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining,” or his “2001: A Space Odyssey,” or his “Full Metal Jacket” or “Clockwork Orange,” you’re likely to find true art, the equivalent of classic literature. Many things are there to discuss, however, though most of these post-film chats would deal with the quality of the direction or the acting or production design or what-have-you. But dig more deeply into a Kubrick film and you may find that the master—who is said to have had an I.Q. of 200—had placed challenges within his works that only most prescient of film buffs would discover. In fact if you were to see in “The Shining” what Rodney Ascher, director of “Room 237” did, and tried to convince your pals of some off-the-wall interpretations, you might be laughed out of Starbucks where you hoped to make salient points.

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