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The Cast and Crew Talk About Not Fade Away

ShockYa: David Chase, there’s been a lot of talk in journalism and film criticism and cultural criticism positing the idea that television really is where the creative action and excitement is these days, more than motion pictures. Some writers have specifically said, what’s David Chase doing making a feature film? So how did the evolution of this particular story as a feature film start?

David Chase: Well, I always wanted to be in feature films. I never, and I’ve said this before-I never wanted to be in television. I got to really enjoy my life in television once I got to HBO. I worked with some really talented people before that, but I was very unsatisfied. But making a movie is always what I wanted to do was.

I just really loved that music from era, and when I was doing ‘The Sopranos,’ I liked putting music together with the film. That was my favorite part of it. I thought this would be a way to extend that pleasure, and I guess I also thought you can get that past and get a movie with a score with rock and roll.

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