Trailer For Michael Bay's 'Pain & Gain'

The Film Stage:
By most normal standards, Michael Bay’s Pain & Gain would be a major action thriller, but in the world of this blockbuster director, we’re considering it a small passion project. Reportedly only costing a fraction of his Transformers films, the helmer has taken a bit of a break between his third and fourth robot-fighting spectacles to deliver this true kidnapping story.

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alycakes3474d ago

I didn't know it was based on a true story...that changes my view on seeing it. I was going to anyway because the cast is good and it's an action flick but now I really want to see it.

timmyp533474d ago

Aww the rock has a sweet side.

pandehz3473d ago

Michael Bay film without an entire city getting trashed?

Army_of_Darkness3473d ago

Did you not see the swat team with all their guns and shit?! LOL! give it time bro.