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Seven Things You (Probably) Never Knew About Star Wars

From Cinelinx:

With the news that Disney will be continuing the Star Wars saga currently causing fans to dance in the streets, this is an appropriate time to take a nostalgic look at the humble origins of this fairly low-budget sci-fi flick that George Lucas wrote and directed 35 years ago and the many changes he was forced to make while trying to get the whole trilogy done. Some of the alterations he made may surprise you.

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darklordzor3474d ago

So do I get to be king of the nerds, because I knew all of this stuff already?

Kran3474d ago

"Seven Things You (Probably) Never Knew About Star Wars"

Obviously somebody knew.

darklordzor3474d ago

Well yeah, I think plenty of the die hard fanboys knew this info, but I think the general audience wouldn't have guessed. These articles always crack me up, because I typically know them already!

aDDicteD3474d ago

its a good thing most of the draft storylines were changed it would be a lot diffrent if yoda wasnt a jedi master and killing han solo or lando wont make episode 6 a happy ending.

calis3474d ago

Jeez, a lot of people didn't want to stay on for the project.

no_more_heroes3474d ago

Hmm, intriguing...

I wonder if Disney's Star Wars movies will pull anything from these details or be completely different continuations...

darklordzor3473d ago

I have a strong feeling they'll be completely different from these. I mean, they didn't go with these ideas for a reason.