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FilmFracture Review: Les Miserables

Kathryn Schroeder of FilmFracture wrote:

"The key element to a story like "Les Miserables" is emotion, and empathy. You need to feel what the characters feel, go through their trials with them, fear for their survival, and hope for love and strength to carry them through. In the back of your mind while watching "Les Miserables" you know this is how you should feel, but this knowledge only becomes your reason for disliking the film as the minutes tick by--not even a grand performance by Hugh Jackman or a short-lived one by Anne Hathaway can ease the pain. Each and every scene stands by itself, without consequence of what occurs next or providing a steady flow to the plot at hand. Characters go about their way, assuming the positions they are given, singing the songs written for them, and attempting to connect with the audience. But as a whole, "Les Miserables" never succeeds at having fluidity and cohesiveness."

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