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Jamie Foxx Talks About Electro’s Costume For The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Black Film says

While promoting his latest film, ‘Django Unchained,’ which opens on Xmas Day, Oscar winner Jamie Foxx (‘Ray’) spoke to exclusively about the costume installed for him in his role as Max Dillon/Electro in the sequel to‘The Amazing Spider-Man.’
Are you ready to don on the green and yellow outfit for ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2′?

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Deku-Johnny3477d ago

I hope they keep a similar style to the comic book costume. I hate the way they change costumes for characters in films. One of the worst examples being not letting Hawkeye wear his purple costume for the Avengers.

wishingW3L3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

you crazy dude? Hawkeye's purple costume is super ridiculous and Electro's even worse! Those costume would only distract from the experience, especially on the Spider-man reboot where they try to make everything so serious and realistic.

Thatguy-3103477d ago

Exactly. There are certain things that would just look too ridiculous in real life in opposed to some comic book. Glad there making a change.

FlameBaitGod3477d ago

You know that not everything that works in comics will work in real life, if we saw fox wearing electro's original costume he would look pretty stupid lol

Deku-Johnny3477d ago

That's why I said something similar. Something that's not too close that it looks stupid but not too different that it sounds boring. The description Foxx gave in the article sounds boring.

Soldierone3477d ago

I agree and I think they will at least nod to it. I mean they let the Lizard keep his science coat on when he became the Lizard, and everyone loved that.

CanadianTurtle3477d ago

I completely agree. I loved The Avengers, but the only single problem I had with the movie is HawkEye's horrendous costume design. It's like "really?" A multimillion dollar studio can't come up with something that at least resembles the comic look?

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StarWarsFan3477d ago

It's going to be interesting to see the interpretation of the costume from the comic books.

OneAboveAll3477d ago

It's going to be terrible. Not only is Electro's suit not going to look like the comics but they have a black man playing a character who is white in the comics. Last but not least, if you absolutely had to have a black man play Electro why couldn't you choose an actor who can actually ACT?

Deku-Johnny3477d ago

It's all this political correctness. It's stupid having a black guy just so they don't look racist.

smallz3477d ago ShowReplies(2)
OSIRUSSS3477d ago

Haha! Yep, all movies must be slaves to the source material. Your
nerd-rage will hasten your turn to the dark side. Have you even considered that 99% of the people that see this movie won't even know who Electro is before the movie starts?

OneAboveAll3477d ago Show
OSIRUSSS3477d ago

"Comic book fans hate it when you simply touch a characters style, let alone changing the entire back story. "

Organic Web Shooters, Say Hello!!!! Didn't seem to hurt that movie one bit.

Soldierone3477d ago

Those were in the comics.... he developed a way to create organic web, before being forced to go back to the web shooters in Brand New Day.

Also Tood McFarlane created a spin off series where Spider-Man didn't need shooters, that series is no longer running.... I also believe they gave him organic web shooting when he had the black Venom suit.

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princeofthabay3477d ago

Pretty sure they don't give out oscars to people that can't act.

silvacrest3477d ago Show
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OSIRUSSS3477d ago

The fact that every comic book movie deviates from the source material forces me to reject your premise 100%. I know you geeked out like everyone else at the Raimi web shooters be damned. But change the color of a villain that's unacceptable? Whatevs! As far as Mr. Foxx's acting? Who cares? We aren't going into Spiderman 2 expecting Citizen Kane. Outside of looking like the comic book character what exactly did Andrew Garfield do in Spiderman to knock your sox off?

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