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Friends With Kids Review | LRA

LRA writes: Kids change people, sometimes that change is good, sometimes its bad and sometimes it is difficult and both parents need to work through it. The one thing most don't take into consideration is how having kids effects their friends who don't have any of their own. Writer/Director and star Jennifer Westfeldt has decided to use her directorial debut and Sophmore scripting to explore the complicated world of friends and their kids or lack there of. It's a subject ripe with possibilities, who hasn't lost a close friend to a new born baby or fell out of the loop when their friends begin discussing the many joys and terrors of parenting? Being alienated from a close knit group of friends because you aren't the one with a kid or love interest is a something we have all been faced with at some point or another from multiple vantage points, which is what makes "Friends with Kids" such an enjoyable little experiment.

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