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ShockYa’s 10 Worst Movies Of 2012

Gladly in 2012, I watched more good movies (well, middling and mediocre movies) than out right bad ones. But there were a fair share of horrendous films that made me wonder, “what the hell were they thinking?”. I sat through these movies so you didn’t have to (it’s the downside of the job) but there were plenty times that I wish I didn’t. At least one of these movies is interesting failure but I still consider them a bad time at the movie theater. Consider this list as a “stay away from these movies” list. If you missed it, check out my most disappointing and surprising movies of 2012. Now onto the list...

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aDDicteD3273d ago

this should be re titled as 10 mediocre movies that could have been better. because several of them had good potential and considerably not really bad as all. definitely not really the 10 worst im sure there are more than this.