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The 5 Worst Films of 2012

Clickonline writes: "As we finalise our best movies of 2012 list, why not bide your time with the ones that we henceforth commit to the slag heap of cinema history. For your perusal and the possibility of sparing you from their horrors, we give you Click's five worst films of 2012."

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barb_wire3492d ago

Alex Cross deserves to be on every "Worst of 2012" list.. unbelievably bad movie, terrible acting, sloppy sloppy directing. Should have got my money back after watching this so called 'action' movie..

OSIRUSSS3492d ago

I loved Savages. Three stooges wasn't bad.

Batman52733492d ago

Agree Alex Cross was my worst movie of the year, But I definitely agree with Jack and Jill. How about Happy Feet 2?

danand823491d ago

The krill made Happy Feet bearable...