Peter Jackson Won’t Finish Hobbit Before Shooting Next Tintin

Bleeding Cool:
As Peter Jackson took his Hobbit press tour to the Belgian media – in fact, I think they met in London from the swelling Euro contingent at the junket – he was bound to face some questions about his promised Tintin sequel.

The plan, says Jackson, is to ‘shoot’ the performance capture at some point next year for a 2015 release date. This will require him to find some time amongst Hobbit post production for a change of pace.

If this all goes to plan it means one Jackson film a year for four straight years. A record. And I like it. I just hope Tintin two trumps Tintin one.

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alycakes3481d ago

That sounds like a good idea. If they spent all their time making these trilogies without taking time out for other things...other movies would never get made.

timmyp533480d ago

Good for you Jackson. I wish James Cameron would freaking do something else for a change after Avatar 2. He is spending too much time on it. Supposedly he says it could be more then 3 films.

aviator1893480d ago

I just want cameron back on the terminator franchise. I honestly found avatar a bit boring. A visual spectacle, yes, but boring.

StarWarsFan3480d ago

I really liked the first Tintin. I wish more people gave it a chance.

Crazay3480d ago

Didn't they already say all that was needed with the first one? I'll pass on this movie.

Camza3480d ago

I thought they continuously shot all 3 movies just like the LOTR trilogy?

darklordzor3480d ago

They did, and all they'll really be doing at the point he wants to shoot Tintin is post-production stuff. He'll have plenty of time to get it done.