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Kevin Smith’s Last Film Will Be Clerks 3

"Kevin Smith has made it publicly known that ‘Clerks 3′ will be the last feature film he will take part in. This change has been brought on by a restructuring of his upcoming hockey movie, ‘Hit Somebody’, into a 6-hour mini-series from the intended original movie. It’s sad to see a man behind movies such as Chasing Amy and Good Will Hunting leaving film."

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Soldierone3487d ago

I was honestly just telling my GF "I wish he decided to do Clerks 3 and then stop" lol (right before reading this) Now I get to jump super high and high five her! :D

Soldierone3487d ago

Yes, yes I am! My spells consist of "I wish they" then insert what you want to happen :P

3487d ago
Lord_Sloth3487d ago

Only seen the 1st Clerks since Netflix refuses to upload the 2nd.

OSIRUSSS3487d ago

Boooo! I want a Jay and silent bob sequal.

QuodEratDemonstrandm3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

What are they talking about Kevin Smith didn't do any thing with Good Will.... wait a tick.

<30 seconds at IMDb>

I did not know that. So what does a co-executive producer do, anyway?

Edit: He's getting out of Directing. That doesn't mean he's getting out of movies. Just so ya know.

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