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'Iron Man 3' Casts China's Wang Xuequi As New 'Dr. Wu': Beijing Filming Starts Monday

Marvel starts filming several Iron Man 3 scenes in Beijing on Monday. And I’ve learned from my Chinese-based movie biz sources that the studio has just cast leading Chinese actor Wang Xuequi as a new character playing “Dr. Wu”. The highly secretive Marvel has been prepping for the shoot for a week in Mainland China. DMG Entertainment is Iron Man 3’s Chinese distributor, and is working to help staff the shoot on the ground. Marvel still intends to file for co-production status – but apparently they have a permit to film and are ready to go on that front.

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alycakes3492d ago

Sounds good. I've seen him in other movies.

Simon_Brezhnev3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Oh yeah he plays some good villains. Ive seen him in Warriors of Heaven and Earth, Sacrifice, Reign of Assassins, and Bodyguards and Assassins.

I'm glad they are actually using a Chinese actor to play a Chinese role.

StarWarsFan3491d ago

Hard to imagine they're still filming with a release date planned some time in the next 6-8 months.

ReconHope3491d ago

with everything coming out in 2015, it's good to hear.

level 3603491d ago

Looking forward. I'm not sure though about the red/white/blue motif of the "other" new Iron Man armor costume which mimics Captain America's.. ( )