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Wreck-It Ralph Sequel is a Go

A Wreck-It Ralph sequel is in the works, according to two of the film's biggest stars.

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Soldierone3486d ago

Hmm, not sure how I feel. In one step, awesome! In a second step, so soon?

Toy Story didn't have 3 awesome movies thanks to milking, it took a lot of work and effort between each one.

Reibooi3485d ago

I agree to a extent but on the other hand it doesn't sound like it's gonna be rushed. In fact some of what they said indicates it's not even in production yet and that Moore only has ideas of where to go with it.

Which honestly is a good thing. If he already has a idea it's better then being forced to make a sequel and winging it because he only had one movies worth of ideas. But that doesn't seem to be the case.

hazelamy3485d ago

we're still a couple of months away from seeing the first one in the uk.

R3DRAIN893483d ago

Sounds great! Cant wait to pick up wreck it ralph on blu ray day 1.