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Man of Steel Opinion: A Darker, More Angry Superman Needed on the Big Screen

The The Man of Steel is prepping to premiere its official trailer before The Hobbit and I have to admit that I'm still on the fence about this movie. I seriously hope this trailer finally sheds some light on something I've wanted from Superman for years and years now.

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ReconHope3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

i guess we could call this the christopher nolan effect... will see in due time if it gets old.

calis3496d ago

I don't think many people are fans of 'camp' super hero movies.

Soldierone3497d ago

EVERY time I talk to an actual Superman fan about this idea, they go absolutely insane. "Superman isn't like that! Not everything needs to be dark!"

I'm not huge on Superman, but even I see it doesn't need to be that way. I was furious when we all thought Spider-man would be that way....

Lord_Sloth3497d ago

I dunno. Superman and Cyclops have always been my faves but I'm curious to see a more lonely take on the Man of Steel.

Honestly I hate Spiderman as he is and was wanting a more serious and darker tone for his film.

DarkBlood3496d ago

well i welcome the darker tone lol :P

alycakes3496d ago

I have to agree with you on that one. He was raised different as a normal young human boy and he was always a good kid. Superman was never meant to be dark in any way.

Ben_Grimm3494d ago

I want to see a more, lonely, troubled Clark. I never understood why a lot of the Superman comics never went this direction. You figure Clark had these powers through his teens and being a teen you always want to show off. But for Clark he couldn't, he can't play any sports and he basically has to hold back on everything he does. Throw in puberty and feelings for the opposite sex and whooooo boy. That should have a huge effect on a person when they grow older.

But dark doesn't have to mean he goes around killing bad guys but I would like for him to drop the whole big boy scout act. He should be more of a loner and outsider wanting to fit in and be human like.

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OSIRUSSS3497d ago

This is totally the wrong path for Supes. His eternal hope in humanity is his best quality. That's why him and Batman have a frosty relationship. Batman has zero hope for humanity. God I feel nerdy.

Simon_Brezhnev3496d ago

As much as i hate superman. I dont want him to be dark. I dont want to end up liking him. I want him to be that fake hero of justice. I wish Lex was in the movie.

calis3496d ago

lol I read that as 'I feel needy'

Simon_Brezhnev3496d ago

I wouldnt mind if it was like All-Star Superman but i doubt it.

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The story is too old to be commented.