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Fantastic Four Reboot Gets Estimated Release Date

"For what is sure to be a crowded year for superhero movies; we have confirmation that the new Fantastic Four movie will be arriving March 6, 2015. The title will be a reboot of the franchise, with Chronicle director Josh Trank at the helm and and a relatively unknown Jeremy Slater; to write the script." -MovieAndTVBuff

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DarkBlood3487d ago

holy superhero films coming out batman

OneAboveAll3486d ago

Please no giant cloud's for villains. *cough Galactus cough*

R6ex3486d ago

Cloud idea was dumb.

I want to see a giant physical being. F4 & the Silver Surfer can go tackle him.

000013486d ago

i bet this movie will be...fantastic! lol

timmyp533486d ago

As long as they tone down the cheesiness a bit it'll be fine.

LOL_WUT3486d ago

Whats up with all these reboots? Just let the movies die or fade away. If it didn't do well at the box office it was for a reason.

barb_wire3486d ago

It's to do with the movie rights.. if Fox doesn't make a movie by a certain date, the rights go back to Disney/Marvel.. why do you think we keep getting new X-Men and Spider-Man movies

Fox already gave up on the Daredevil reboot and the rights are going back to Disney/Marvel.

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The story is too old to be commented.