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The Fitzgerald Family Christmas: ShockYa Movie Review

ShockYa: Many large, tight-knit families often experience vast differences in opinions, even though they have gone through the same events growing up together in the same house. They’re forced to overcome their differing viewpoints when they reunite as adults for the holidays. Through spending more time together, they come to realize they do appreciate the bonds they have formed, even though they don’t always agree. This realization is an important motivating factor for the characters in scribe-helmer-actor Edward Burns’ latest writing and directorial effort, the drama ‘The Fitzgerald Family Christmas,’ which is set to be released in theaters today in a limited release. The movie is a homage to the filmmaker’s first two films, ‘The Brothers McMullen’ and ‘She’s the One,’ and marks his return to his working-class, Irish-American Catholic roots after a 16-year absence.

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