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Examiner writes: "Flight" isn't the movie you are likely expecting, but in this case that is a good thing. Director Robert Zemeckis (with his first live-action theatrical release since 2000's "Cast Away") has given us a film that looks into our fascination with heroes and dissects what exactly we look for and need in our heroes. It asks hard questions such as, "Should we, or can we separate the man from his accomplishments?" and "Can we look past a person's many flaws simply because of a single act that saved lives?". Those questions and many more posed by the film are not easy to answer and that is what makes "Flight" take off the way it does, by putting us the viewer in the position where we must also judge whether or not Whip's actions were irredeemable despite the miracle he performed.

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timmyp533486d ago

Gotta see this. Keep procrastinating. I love Denzel. Book of Eli was the last good film I saw him in. Not sure if safe house is any good but Unstoppable was pretty meh.