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New Portrait Of Man Of Steel’s Superman On Magazine Cover

Bleeding Cool:
The latest issue of L’Express supplement Studio Ciné Live bears a portrait of Superman ala Zack Snyder. Here’s Henry Cavill crossing his arms at you. Like the sleeve detailing?

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alycakes3498d ago

This is okay...I've seen better.

Soldierone3497d ago

Don't like the costume, but the more I see his face the more he looks like Superman. Pretty cool! Still wish they gave Brandon Routh another shot though

DarkBlood3497d ago

i gotta disagree on the costume based on me enjoying the nice change of pace though its been too long to be considered asking for the change of pace lol

as for the looks almost every portrayal seems to get the look of superman at least christopher reeve,brandon Routh and tom welling briefly did

but hey im surefire that will be an kickass superman film followed by justice league

Soldierone3497d ago

I like the blue and respect the lack of underwear on the outside. However its TOO Blue, I think it needs more red highlights. Probably would have added a red stripe or something along the leg.

DarkBlood3497d ago

like the spiderman costume differences?

Soldierone3497d ago

Spider-man took some getting used to, but in official shots and in the movie it looks awesome!

I like the design in the New 52 more than this for Superman though.

aviator1893497d ago

I think it looks really good, especially that bent design right around the wrists.