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Andy Serkis on the Apes Sequel and Animal Farm

Coming Soon: sat down with actor and filmmaker Andy Serkis to talk about his dual role in Peter Jackson's The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey earlier today - returning as Gollum and taking on the 2nd unit director role. Eventually we got around to some of the other projects he has lined up now that he's finished shooting it. (They still have to shoot the Battle of the Five Armies, but Jackson will be handling that himself and Serkis may be done shooting his scenes as Gollum although he wouldn't be surprised if he got called back at the drop of a hat.)

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alycakes3486d ago

He was so good as Ceasar. I felt like he was real and never felt any different thru out the whole movie

StarWarsFan3486d ago

Andy Serkis works best in the digital world. It's funny how he doesn't fit in roles of regular human characters.