Independent Cinema - Life of Pi Review

Independent Cinema writes: Movies that try to convey religious material, are more often than not duds for me, because they rely on the belief of that religion. It’s hard to change someone’s mind on their faith through religious material, and that’s why it should be more of a focus to simply tell a story of faith rather than convince someone of that faith. In Life of Pi, Ang Lee lets the viewer realize their own faith through one of the most viscerally pleasing films of the past decade, delivering something that will amaze visually and then make you think back on what you saw, afterwards. There are very few films that are able to do what Lee has done here because even if the audience is completely atheist, there’s something to get out of this film about the search for God. Anchored by an amazing performance from Suraj Sharma as Pi, the film relays an incredible story about finding one’s self in the darkest moments while astounding with the best 3D visuals ever seen on screen.

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CigaretteKiTarah3482d ago

'Life Of Pi' is a masterpiece made by the maestro Ang Lee. Right from the gripping story and courageous journey of a teenager boy and a hungry tiger, to brilliant direction, miraculous visual effects and outstanding performances, it deserves to be watched number of times. 'Life Of Pi' is not a film, it's a 'Beautiful Experience'!