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Nieuwerwets.TV: It took nine years before the inevitable adaptation of Tolkien's book The Hobbit, the predecessor of Lord of the Rings, was released. The production stayed within the same hands with Peter Jackson at the helm, Howard Shore as composer, the same designers and scriptwriters plus further potential film's director, Guillermo del Toro. Is The Hobbit a repeat performance of his predecessor, or does the movie stay on it's own hairy feet?

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Jeffry2266d ago

I'm so pumped for this movie, I think I love it!

lars2thev2266d ago

So am I, so am I. Although I think I'm more a Lord of the Rings man, I should be able to dig this too.

qballbeg2266d ago

Very cool, i wanna see it for myself!

TheCritic282266d ago

Four out of six...that's a weird grading scale if I've ever seen one.

Jeffry2266d ago

Filmwatch does offer it, so it isn't an uncommon grading scale. It's just an enhanced 5 star rating.

krazykombatant2265d ago

I would be more pumped for this movie if it wasn't for the fact that it was split into 3 movies.

MasterD9192265d ago

Three movies?!?! I thought it was

I agree 100% in that case.

Garethvk2265d ago

We are under an imposed blackout as are most markets. We were not even allowed to go on Social Media and say we saw the film.