International Star Trek: Into Darkness Teaser


Featuring a surprising amount of new footage, check out this international teaser trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness. Benedict Cumberbatch's villainy is all for his family?

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Crazay2884d ago

I still can't help but shake the idea that he just might be playing Khan in this movie.

Crazay2884d ago

Anyone here catch the hands touching through the glass? Remind you a a scene from any previous Trek movie? Wrath of Khan perhaps when Spock opens up the warp drive and subjects himself to lethal amounts of radiation and dies.

Let's also not forget that in a recent interview Quinto had actually alluded to when he will no longer be playing Spock. Perhaps a sign of things to come?

darklordzor2883d ago

Yeah, that was the main thing I noticed in this slightly extended trailer. That's a big call back to Wrath of Khan.

Crazay2883d ago

You think the hot blonde is going to be the future mommy to Kirk's baby David? I can't recall her name right now...the one who works on the Genesis project.

darklordzor2883d ago

To be honest, I don't know that much about Trek lore, so I truly have no idea. She looks like she'll play a somewhat significant role though.

darklordzor2883d ago

I've watched this trailer so many times today, I feel almost ashamed. It's just so good though! Cumberbatch's voice is so amazing in this trailer.

timmyp532883d ago

Can't shake the feeling that this would make a better video game then movie.

ReconHope2883d ago

I can't shake the feeling to disagree.

timmyp532883d ago

All I see is spectacle and more spectacle in movies nowadays.

2883d ago
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