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Arrow Review: “Vendetta” [Geek Binge]

Geek Binge: I guess that any hopes of this episode being better than the last never had a chance because the new recurring and frustratingly uninteresting character, Helena, is back for another episode. And not just back, but we’re talkin’ the centerpiece of the episode. However, we have the return of Walter to be thankful for, as well as some awkward dinner tension to help lift the drama to acceptable levels. The Most Annoying Character Award hands-down goes to Helena who may continue to take the mantle from Laurel until she isn’t on the show anymore, and the MVP this week goes to Walter and his trusty, adorable IT sidekick Felicity Smoak, who I admit I haven’t given proper kudos to throughout the season. And with that, let’s recap this bad boy!

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